Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm a Mom of a High Schooler!!!!!

I'm trying not to freak as we get Kiersten ready for her first day of High School tomorrow! I have a four year old... how can I possibly have a high schooler also??? This summer has been great for her. We started out spending time with our friends in Utah only to rush back and get ready for Trek. They spent 3 days, in period clothes, pulling a handcart and living the life of a pioneer. Within a week after coming home from trek Kiersten packed up to go to EFY (Especially For Youth) a church sponsored week long conference for boys and girls 14-18 years old. EFY was life changing for Kiersten. Not only were they fed spiritually, they met a lot of new friends and they were taught how to safety and correctly interact with boys. The boys escorted them to every activity, joined in on Morning devotionals, and danced with them at two dances. Immediately after returning from EFY I got Kiersten unlimited texting (this for a girl who has had her phone for two years and has only used it a dozen times - to call me). She hasn't stopped texting since. I know she is keeping in touch with a few boys from EFY. She has gone to the last three youth dances and spent the last week at girl's camp. I am amazed at how much she has grown this summer. So, she has a new dew, unlimited texting and her dancin' shoes on... I think my baby is ready for High School. But don't let her new found social skills fool you- she is still totally academic. She will be taking all honors class, Spanish, Seminary and Alg. 2 Trig. Yikes!!! Wish me luck :)


Lora Leigh Brown said...

I hope she is having a great time! I would SO go back to high school if they would let me! And YAY for her for honors classes!! I did it too and it is still one of my greatest accomplishments :)

Christina said...

I hope she is adjusted and loving high school. I would love to go back too! I didn't take the time to enjoy it!