Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth... Welcome to Holland Nella Cordelia and Family!!!

My memories of the day Sadie was born remind me of a flashback on a TV show. The whole experience is kinda blurry and the voices seem distant- like you are looking through a long tube straining to hear the conversations. We did not know until birth that she would come with something extra. I'm grateful for that! Scott would have loved to know earlier, collected information, prepared himself. I'm too much of a worrier. After hours of laboring and bringing a child into the world I believe a mother has no choice but to understand the miracle of life and it's purpose.

Last night someone posted the link to this beautiful story about a mother's recent birth experience. It is full of raw and new feelings and reminds me soooo much of those first few days of Sadie's life. I don't want to spoil it; but I am especially grateful for her honesty and account of the first few moments after they placed her sweet baby on her chest. Warning......... be prepared for a good cry!

Nella Cordelia's Story

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