Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just a few Dance Pictures

Sadie's "Born to Entertain" - her third year to perform

Kiersten (16) and Madison (14)

Val (friend), Madison, and Hannah (11)

Sadie and Hannah

Sadie and Kinsey (both 5)

Kiersten in "Disturbia"
(Jazz, she also performed in Tap, Ballet, and Lyrical)

Madison in "Bollywood"
(this was singing- she also did two taps numbers,
a jazz, and lyrical)

"Bollywood" really was a crowd pleaser

Hannah "A Star is Born"
(Jazz- She did 2 Jazz numbers, 2 tap numbers,
a singing number, Hip Hop, and closer)


Becca said...

Wow, that's awesome - you have a very talented family! So Sadie has been dancing since she was two? Fabulous!

April said...

Sadie looks so adorable in her dress. Love her little diva pose, too cute! Your girls are all so talented. Unfortunately, my family all has two left feet.