Monday, November 8, 2010

Blast from the past... Sadie 1 year

Sadie Reese Teague 1 year old

Sadie at one year just before her first major surgery. She actually wasn't sitting on her own yet... we had to do the 'mom let go, quick take the picture, grab her again' trick. Sadie was very sick here. She had just spent 4 months fighting aspiration pneumonia and was almost healthy enough to have her surgery. She only weighed 11 pounds here and those are newborn soft shoes she is wearing :) Sadie has always been a very happy baby and never complains- even when she is super sick!

Thanks to Madison for scanning this picture. Looking forward to sharing pictures of all my girls now that we know how to scan :)

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amber malmberg said...

Such a sweet picture! I love her little dress and that big smile!