Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm back... REALLY I am!

Ok, ok... I know I say it every year BUT, now that summer is about over I am back to blogging. This time I mean it. NO really! See, my older kids do most of their schooling online and sometimes it is hard for me to get to the computer (and really if I'm on I'm at facebook or webkinz); but now they both have laptops and that leaves the home computer to me :) I promise I won't let you down... I know there is someone out there becaue my blog status said it was already viewed 41 times today. So, unless I have a seriously sick stalker I think someone wants to hear about our family :)

Just a few things I will blog later about. I guess you can call it a teaser...

Kiersten graduated (a year early)
She got accepted to the 3 schools (and you'll be surprised which one she chose)
We are on a hunt for Warm clothes (hint, hint)
Her boy got his mission call
She is attending the young adult ward

Madison finished her first year of HS
She is attending PCHS again
She had to make up 47 seminary lessons to pass
She promises to go to seminary this year
She needs to earn some $ to pay for FASKTRACK....

Hannah is ready for her last year in JR high
She has grown about 6 inches an 3 sizes in 6 months
She might get her braces off before Madison (heaven help us)
Her solo is ready and AWESOME
She might get to go on point in December

Sadie has lots of POOP issues (yes I said poop!)
She is starting to read
She has been working hard on counting by 10's
She performed in her 4th dance recital
Watch out Christmas show... she's ready!!!

We'll be back...I PROMISE!!!!