Sunday, June 10, 2012

Who's up for a little Country Boogie??

It's starting to happen more and more... you know, when you have a smorgasbord of feelings bubbling inside of you and you don't know whether to cry, laugh, smile, or shout from the rooftops how proud you are of your kids.  Yeah, that's me... the crazy lady in the corner who you ask why she is crying and she burst out in laughter that she isn't quite sure.  Today, I picked my very sore and hurt body up and drove through our California Mountains (otherwise known as little hills or bumps in the road) to take Hannieo to perform for families and children who lives have been struck with Childhood Cancer.  Of course Sadie is always up for watching a 'show' so she hopped in the car, hair still wet and not brush, and joined us for an afternoon of some country music. 

I was curious to see the show because this is the same show they are taking to the opening of CarsLand at California Adventure Disneyland this summer and I will not be able to see her because I do not have a pass.  A whole different story of how Disneyland decided to raise their prices for season passes ridiculously high!!!  Anywho (new word from Sadie)... the show was stellar, as always, but the best part?  That came after when the big kids (yes Hannah is a big kid measuring at 5' 8" at 13 years old) were asked to grab someone and teach them a dance.  fun, fun, fun!!  I was touched at Hannah's enthusiasm, kindness, patience, and easy going nature as these youngings had a very crash course in the ever popular wedding dance- The Electric Slide.  I like to think my kids are naturally nurturing and kind; but I'm sure having Sadie in our family hasn't hurt.  Well, take a look for yourself.  Introducing.....

Hannah and her new friend from the
Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation

Company Kids taking a break from Performing to teach the kids The Electric Slide

She did it!!

Gotta give you one with Sadie and 'Hawk' -
first time she ever touched a horse

Sisters!!  Sadie loves to watch them perform!!

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