Saturday, November 7, 2009

Buddy Walk Preparations

So, today is set aside for finishing Buddy Walk preparations. We are working on 30 new signs. I used my cricket to cut out 30 sets of "Sadie's" and Scott printed a different picture of Sadie for each sign. This morning I'm going to recruit the girls to help me put them all together and then I will go laminate them. Then I have go to Costco and pick up the sandwiches, cookies, chips, and drinks. I think we will individually wrap everything because it will be hard to get more than one table into the stadium and then we can put them into containers on the floor??? I know, not the most party friendly.... but I'm trying to be practical :) I also have a few more t-shirts to deliver and I want to make sure everyone gets to bed early because we have the primary program before the Buddy Walk tomorrow. Did I mention everyone is still sick???? I think I'm going to go take a bottle of vitamin C, some Tylenol cold, and wake up these sleepy heads so they can become my little "Cinderella's".

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bipi said...

Hope the walk full of joy.
God bless you!