Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Well, it's been awhile since I've posted anything so I thought I would start with our Christmas Card. As usual it wasn't easy to get a good picture of all four girls; but with the help from our friend Mike he was able to blend a few pictures into one pretty good one. I can't believe how old my girls are getting!

Kiersten will be turning 16 this year... which means she will be learning to drive and legal to date. Both come with freedoms that both scare and excite me! She is finishing her Sophomore year and will be dual enrolled in High School and College next year. Her school does not offer Spanish 3 or Chemistry so she will be going to the local Jr. College for those classes.

Madison is counting down the days until she is 14 and can start attending the Youth Dances. She is super social, a great student, a captain on the dance team, and working on performing a lyrical solo this year for competitions. She loves fashion and making boys turn their heads :)

Hannah just turned 11 and is finishing her last year in elementary school. She is full of spunk and laughter and often in the middle of trouble! She is almost as tall as her sisters and has bigger feet. Hannah is competing with Dance Divas again this year and is excited to tryout for the jr. high team. Hannah, Madison, and Kiersten just finished another season of treeligting and the Parade at Knotts Berry Farm. Someday I will post pictures!!

Sadie is smart, funny, stubborn, naughty, cute, and has us all wrapped around her fingers. She is a playground celebrity and has really thrived this year in school. She is enrolled in a Kindergarten SDC class (where she is the only girl) and mainstreams into general ed for part of the day. Next year she will be fully included into a general ed kindergarten.

Scott is busy with work and traveling. He spends most of his free time on facebook, surfing, or playing with the girls. He was just called into the Bishopric after over two years as Elder's Quorum President. In January he was booted out of his office and sent home to work... which is both fun and annoying for all of us. We love having him here to talk... but sometimes he has to take refuge into the garage because we are too loud. Also, it seems to me he is always working.... he starts up his computer at five am, after taking Kiersten to seminary, and it doesn't shut off until bedtime.

I'm trying to enjoy the few hours I have free from little ones... mostly to clean, take Kiersten to classes, or watch a little Monk or Charmed. I am coming to the end of my first year as Primary President in our new ward (guess fourth times a charm) and have enjoyed spending time with all our little ones. This year I hope to create order in our home, become healthy, and find time to develop a few talents (maybe photography or playing volleyball again). Another goal- keep a better blog :)

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