Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Resolve to Live with the Spirit of Love and Forgiveness"

Today during the satellite broadcast of Stake Conference Elder Jeffery R. Holland talked about Forgiveness. I was touched by the thought that the first three talks seem to speak to me. As I sat there, warm with the Spirit, I had an overwhelming feeling that Elder Holland's talk was written for me. Elder Holland, who I love listening to, brought up several good points about the principle of forgiveness. He wanted us to look beyond the major sins that require visiting with the bishop and concentrate on the "little things".

He challenged us to "unload the excess baggage and start forgiving ourselves". His talk was about letting go of the hurt or grudges, no matter how valid they are, and moving on. Elder Holland cautioned us that when we have a negative view of ourselves we are more apt to have a negative view of others. Also, in order to find good in ourselves we must be willing to be "pleasant, patient, and forgiving" of ourselves and others everyday.

I guess I always thought of forgiveness as something to ask of other people or to give to others. Forgiving myself has never really been something I have put any thought or effort in. When getting rid of all the anger, hurt, or baggage we may be holding we open our lives to peace and happiness. I hope that Elder Holland's New Year's challenge of "Resolving to live with the Spirit of love and Forgiveness" will become part of my daily life. My hope is that as I start to live this principal my life, thoughts, and health will be healed and I will feel the peace I've been searching for.


Janice Draper said...

I hear you on unable to forgive myself. I have made some pretty big mistakes and can't forgive myself. I am slowly working on this.

Diane said...

Thank you for sharing this thought from Bro Holland.

I have appreciated reading about your journeys, struggles and all, as a mother. It helps me be a better person.

Thank you