Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Halloween- better late than never!

I love this picture because it shows a little of her personality. K is super shy and often hides how truly funny she is. She definitely has a great sense of humor; although it is smart humor that is often over my head and beyond my academic reference. She and her "boy" were matching 50's people.... and somehow she worked me to think I gave her the costume idea :)

She and her friends we ladybugs! They got the best group award at the dance. Gotta leave it to Madison to make a super cute bug and always find a way of showing that cute little body!

Hannah with Friends
(I didn't realize I hadn't uploaded a picture of her by herself)
Originally she wanted to be the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz; but she changed her mind after seeing this Swiss Miss costume I bought for Madison (madison vetoed it!) It was perfect for our little blonde young woman who never stops bellowing a tune :)

Sadie (Purpel Fairwee)
After convincing her that she could not be Tinkerbell again this year Sadie decided she wanted to be a "purpel fairwee". Sadie loved Halloween this year! She loved yelling Trick or Treat and enjoyed knocking on all our neighbors doors!

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