Thursday, January 21, 2010

Meet the "Doofi"- What they have taught me about ladybugs, teenagers, and birth order.

Emily, Madison (yes, mine), and Mikaela are lovingly to referred to as the "Doofi" by my oldest Kiersten (age 15) and myself. Madison and Mikaela are the real Doofi; Emily is only honorary for reasons I will not say so M & M's feelings are not hurt ;). As you can see they make pretty cute ladybugs.

With the exception of Madison, I really don't think any of them like ladybugs. However, they are teenage girls who are insecure, self absorbed, timid, vain, and want to see the boys turn their heads as they float across the gym floor at the Halloween dance. The formula to make three awkward 13 year old girls turn into confident, happy and cute girls.... tight leggings, red legwarmers, antennae, wings and a tutu. Results= some pretty happy girls who had a great time.

I think they are a pretty well-balanced group of friends. Here's why.. see, I believe in birth order being a big part of your personality. I didn't... until I had kids- then, they proved it to be true. Of course there are always exceptions to the rules; but the "Doofi" are pretty case book birth order kind of girls.

Emily is a sweet rough and tough girl who is a big sister to one little sister and a little sister to two big brothers. Being a bigger sister makes her sensitive to others but she doesn't loose sleep over it. She has a great sense of humor that includes hooting and howling for beautiful boys on the big screen. Her big brothers help her find enjoyment in physical activities and helps her feel confident around boys. Even when she likes a boys she may treat them like a friend or a big brother. Since she is the oldest girl she is serious about school and responsible.

Madison is the middle of three older girls. Typical middle child who makes sure everyone knows she is present and knows what she wants. She is independent, reliable, and resourceful. Her major downfall is that she lives for attention... that is a recipe for problems in itself. She is the ring-leader, a supportive and sensitive friend, and knows how to fly under the radar if she is in pursuit of something important. She dances and sings and loves lots of attention.

Mikeala is the oldest. She is the baby... until recently she didn't even cut her own food. She is innocent, kind, motherly, happy, a bit clueless, and a lot dependent. She's still figuring out problem solving skills but is a true and faithful friend. She is a music guru and is keen to the "spirit".

I love the "Doofi". Not only have they provided K and I with hours of entertainment they have also showed me what good friends look like. They come from different families, different places in birth order, and have different goals and likes; but they are one in friendship.

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