Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Teachings Compliments of Sadie

Sadie learned about tithing today in Primary. She came home with a little "tithing jar" that she quickly named her magic jar. Scott asked her what she learned…..

Dad, "What is this?"
Sadie, "This is Tarzan that makes magic tricks"
Dad, "What? Do you mean your tithing?"
Sadie, "Yeah, tithing- it does magic"
Dad, "So, tell me about your tithing. What does the dime and penny mean?"
Sadie, "it's magic"
Dad, "what do you do with the penny?"
Sadie, "Go to Mexico"
Dad, "Who do you give it to?"
Sadie, "Ummm, Madison"
Dad, "No…"
Sadie, "Hannah???"
Dad, "NO……"
Sadie, "Oh, yeah… Jesus"

Luckily the standard Jr. Primary answer was the right one this time. Sadie then let us know she was done with telling us about her tithing lesson as she picked up her "fake cell phone" and said, "Hi Jesus!" I wonder what other kids went home and told their parents what I taught them today in sharingtime? Maybe I don't want to know!

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