Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Happy 3rd Birthday Sadie Bug!!

Here's a post from downsyn I made on the morning of Sadie's Birthday...

"Sadie's 3rd Birthday!!! Wow!! I can't believe it's been three years on this journey. Your first birthday was filled with memories of the day you were born and a little sadness that you had already finished your first year of life- time goes so fast! The second year we celebrated that you were healthy and thriving and that we found the right dr's that could find a way to save your life. Today, on your third birthday.. I am busy trying to get ready for my lesson, make food for Father's day and I checked in on downsyn and remembered- it's your birthday! Not that we didn't celebrate at Rainforest Cafe and Build a Bear last night. But, I am struck with the absence of sadness or overwhelming thankfulness for the medical community. Today is just a regular day.. and you are just a regular kid. An awesome, cute, funny, smart, beautiful child of God. I thank Heavenly Father everyday, not just on your birthday- but everyday, that you choose us. I love you my little Sadie Bug. Thank you completing our family!!!"

And here is another the next day...

"I made it through her birthday with only one slight breakdown. During the sacrament hymn at church I started to think of everything we've been through the past three years- all the hospital stays and illnesses. I suggest during a birthday you concentrate on the accomplishments not the things you struggled with and can not change. My little girl is a big girl now!! When you ask her how old she is- she always points her two index fingers and says two. We've been trying to teach her- three. So everytime we ask her how old she is, she says two, we say three, and she then says four!! It will come Although, I'm not sure I want her to know- we aren't going to get her Disneyland pass until ours needs to be renewed LOL"

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