Monday, June 18, 2007

Our first day on our own

Today was the first day without ICEC (group therapy) and I was bored!! I let Sadie sleep in and we read, played some hide-and-go-seek, read, watched TV, read and goofed around. Boy was I happy when Scott asked for a ride to drop off his car. Tomorrow I want to take Sadie to look at her new classroom so that should help until it's time to pick up Kiersten from min. day. All the girls get out on Wednesday and I know the rest of our summer is packed. But, I can't help but feel a great sense of disappointment because at least therapy had a purpose and great rewards. Laundry, dishes, and taxi driving is important- but doesn't give the kind of satisfaction getting down on the floor and working with therapist to develop Sadie's skills. I know I just need some time to adjust, or as my husband would argue, time to figure out what to fill that time with! Wish me luck- and the rest of my family- because a family is only as happy as it's mom :)

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