Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ancient Chinese Writing- how much do you know about it???

Madison came home on Thursday and told me she had a research project due on Monday. What??? Are you kidding me??? When I asked her why hadn't she told me earlier, she responded, "We've been working on it in class- it's no big deal!" No Big Deal?? Ok, so I didn't even ask her what her topic was until Friday- because I was a little to upset to deal with it any sooner. Ancient Chinese writing. Oh, that should be easy (hear my tone of voice??) Well, yesterday I told her to take everything out and start working on it.

I've always had to walk the kids through their projects- they are smart enough to do it on their own- maybe not that motivated or sure of themselves. Well, you know what?? She has taken so many good notes. Nothing plagiarized. Just a lot of good notes. She is ready to start typing up her paper and she has had little help from me. I still expect to help her for about three hours tonight after rehearsal; but, wow- she really has become a self motivated, hard working and responsible student.

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