Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm going get me back- and a get Wii too!!!

So, I've decided it's about 5 weeks until Sadie's 4th birthday and I'm tired of stressing, grieving and using her as an excuse not to take care of myself! I've made a commitment to myself to spend the next 5 weeks focusing on finding me- emotionally, physically and spiritually. So, I started with going to the gym today for 1 hour on the eliptica machine. I burned over 500 calories... awesome! I'm going to write a positive thing about myself everyday and read an church article or scriptures. Here's some extra incentive... Scott agreed that if I exercise for 30 calendar days (excluding Sundays) we can get a Wii. Yeah!!!!!!

EMOTIONAL HEALTH - So here's my positive thing- My most valued role is mother. I live and breathe for my kids. I care sooo much about their welfare that I screw up. I get high strung and stressed... WAIT THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE POSITIVE... I love my kids so much I would do anything for them.

PHYSICAL HEALTH - gym 1 hour- over 500 calories!!

SPIRITUAL HEALTH - When Life Is Getting You Down
By Val D. MacMurray, Ph.D.

"The idea that all stress is bad and should be avoided is only one of the myths of stress. Another myth goes to the other extreme: “Stress is unavoidable, so why try?” The truth is really somewhere in between. The most intelligent way of managing stress is to take a look at your life and plan to reduce or eliminate unnecessary stress. "

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I also have a little guy with intense medical issues....and an extra chromosome.

I've also decided that it is time to get 'me' back. I joined WW, and am trying to find time to exercise.

I truly believe that this is so important.....the better we feel, the better mothering we can do.

May I add you to Parker's blogroll?

Joshua MacMurray said...

While surfing the web I stumbled across your blog and noticed that you had made a reference to an article written by my father Val MacMurray and it made me happy to see your appreciation for his insight. Dad passed away a few weeks ago and given this example of his positive influence in your life I wanted to share with you his Eulogy.

Eulogy to my Father,

In Loving Memory of My Father Val Dan MacMurray 19 January 1942 to 18 August 2013.

They say "You should never meet your Heroes" and no doubt this advice is well founded. In the case of my father, Val MacMurray, over time I came to find, that in so many ways, the opposite of this was true. As a child my father was often gone working long hours to provide for his family. Dad was a man who would not hesitate to face even the most daunting of tasks, and most often the tasks included highly complex dilemmas in genuine human tragedy and suffering. I recall a time, maybe 15 years ago, when my father was himself facing significant personal challenges. It was a low point in his life and his burdens had in some ways transformed him. It was at some point during this time frame that I had a conversation with him. If I recall correctly, it was an argument of sorts. During our discussion, my dad said something to the effect of "You think I'm a failure." I was taken back—disappointed. I was disappointed at his loss of self confidence. Immediately I corrected him. I told him that if I lived a life that was half his own, I would consider myself a success—I could only hope to be half the man. This was the humility of my father, the core of his humanity, and the key characteristic that defined him. His love lives eternal—a masterpiece as beautifully exquisite and ornately complex as the finest cathedral. The impact of his love guides me as an immortal testament that even now echoes in my heart like thunder. He loved his children and all those around him with an empathic virtuosity. A master communicator, he could deftly see into the souls of others, finding the hidden, lost, or even mistakenly cast off treasures of one’s full potential. May angels lead you in Dad.