Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Madison... The Pre-Teen!

Madison turned 12 one month ago and she is full speed ahead into teenagehood! She can roll her eyes so fast if you blink you may miss it. She does a lot of "huffing"- and when she is called on it she just says, "Whatever" and walks away. She will be the end of me... I know it! She spends way too much time in front of the mirror, on the computer, on the phone, changing her clothes and asking for the newest phone, a laptop or a digital camera.

But today, as she was running one of Kiersten's birthday invitations up to a friends door... I noticed something. Something that was there all along but is hard to see when you are trying to teach her that the kid doesn't get the last word, or that as a family we should be our own cheerleaders.

You know what? Madison is absolutely beautiful. She has beautiful hair, a beautiful smile, sparkling eyes and a cute figure. From the outside she is someone other's admire. As I was looking at her bounce and float to the car I saw something else. I saw her beautiful laugh, her beautiful smile, her beautiful sense of humor, her acts of kindness, her desire to be good, her intelligence, her hardworking attitude, her faithfulness, her love for others and her good nature. I saw a daughter of God. Someone our Heavenly Father loves and cheers for. Someone who isn't perfect, but is good!

I am thankful for those 2 minutes I could watch Madison run up to that door. Because in those two minutes I was blessed to be reminded of who Madison is. I am going to try to keep this memory close to my heart.... because I am sure the teenager will appear again.


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