Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Kiersten... Happy 14th Birthday

So, it's a few days after her birthday and I am just getting to writing this. Partly because we were busy with birthday and things; but, mostly because I thought it would take too much out of me emotionally. Raising Kiersten has been easy and hard. She is my first, the one I experiment on and the one I make most of my mistakes on.

It took us 2 years to get pregnant with Kiersten. I was so ready to be a mom and to bring a little one into this world. Her pregnancy was difficult. I was very sick and put on bedrest for such a long time. It was worth it though... On May 7th, 1994- after 36 hours labor, 8 days late, and only 12 hours and one minute before Mother's day- Kiersten Paige Teague made her arrival. Her birth was amazing. I have never felt that close to my Heavenly Father. I felt as if he handed her to me personally.

She was an easy baby, toddler and child. Just recently I have spent many nights awake thinking of the trials and obstacles she faces. Kiersten is not the ordinary teenager. You know, the one who is mouthy, boy crazy, always on the phone and wants everything they own to have a "name" on it. Infact, she doesn't answer the phone, could care less what kind of clothes she owns, gets along great with boys- but has never mention anyone as "cute" and is one of the most polite children you will ever meet. She even got an award last year from her teacher who said, "in all the 18 years I have taught... I have never met a more polite and kind person as Kiersten." He even thought she was a joke- because she went up to him everyday and said thank you- not the buttkissing thank you we find abundant in the teenage world- a real thank you.

Anyway, Kiersten is extremely bright (really- this is not a mom talking, I'm serious!!) and just as shy. It has been torture to see her go through her JR high years alone in a crowd. I often have to go to Scott for advice on raising her- she is sooooo different than me. She is on the dance team- even a captain, but doesn't feel like anyone knows her. She has a few really good friends; but, I try to tell her how hard it is to be a friend to someone who doesn't give back. She is loyal, nice, kind, and funny- but she will never call anyone, go up to them or just "hang out" unless someone else starts it.

She is like the butterfly in the "Parable of the Butterfly". She is struggling and working with all her might to break out of her cocoon. It is hard to watch her struggle- but I know, she will always be a good mom, good wife and good friend. That the rest of her life is not about JR high and being out-going... it's about doing good, growing and being faithful. But, she is good. She is kind. She is smart. She is beautiful. And she is faithful. Happy Birthday Kiersten. I love you forever, I like you foralways... Forever and Always my baby you'll be!

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