Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sew, wish me luck!

One of my motto's is... "If I can't staple, tape or glue it- I don't do it!" I always thought I would learn to sew when my kids were older. When I was pregnant with Kiersten my friend Melanie taught me to sew a complicated dress- but I had morning sickness and now everytime I see a sewing machine I get a little sick! I never thought my kids would get too old that they wouldn't want me to sew them those cute sundresses. The only use they have for my sewing skills- or lack of them- would be Halloween costumes or the occasional mend or button replacement. Well, my kids are getting a little old for me tape or staple their Halloween costumes.

So... I'm in trouble- I have to alter Kiersten's "Step in Time" costume (the chimney sweep number from Mary Poppins- but better!). I thought, their just chimney sweeps, how hard can this be? Well, I got a pair of women's size 6 slacks from Goodwill that have pleats and a bubble butt. Kiersten is a size 0/1 with not much of a butt and a lack of confidence in my altering ability. Right this moment she is seam ripping our first attempt!

I wish my mommy was here to help- wish me luck!!

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