Friday, August 13, 2010

Guess What Kiersten's Getting?

Her Driver's Permit! In a couple of hours I will be picking up Kiersten's certificate of online driver's class completion and taking her to the DMV to test for her permit. By next week she will be on the road with her first two hours of Behind the Wheel Training!

It's been a rough summer for K... she spent most of it recovering from a severe case of Mono. I think the fact she has been stuck in the house this whole summer was motativation enough to overcome her fear of driving and get her permit! Funny thing.... I think I'm emotionally ready for her to drive too :)

This is going to be an eventful year for Kiersten. She will be driving, finishing up her Personal Progress, her best friend will be leaving for his mission, and she graduating High School a year early. Looking forward to a year full of accomplishments and growth!


Meghan said...

But, I'm not ready for her to drive! That's crazy. When did she get to be old enough?! Well, congrats to Kiersten! I bet she's excited :)

The Westbrooks said...

Yay!! Congrats Kiersten!!