Monday, August 23, 2010

Maddie Moo... this is for you!

Miss Maddie Moo!

Miss Madison has started High School... can you believe I have one starting High School, one graduating High School this year, one starting Jr. High, and one in Kindergarten? We went to pick up M and K's schedule today and tomorrow will be yearbook and senior pictures so I will post pictures tomorrow. Anyway, yesterday Madison called me out and said I never post anything about her on my blog (hence the reason for starting with her name!) I decided this post would be dedicated to her :)

Madison loved Jr. High. She was on the dance team and served as Captain last year. She is super social and loves to be with her friends. Maddie (as her friends call her) is also a super smart kid. She works hard on her schoolwork and just scored super high on her writing skills for the state standardize test. She is beautiful, has an incredible voice, and has a way of getting lots of attention.

I consider Madison a middle child (technically she is one of two middle children; but she is the middle of the older kids) and boy does she act like a middle child. I never believed in birth order until Madison :) That is not a bad thing, just something that helps me understand what drives her and why it is soooo important to her to get proper acknowledgment and attention. She is a super sensitive person who has a lot of compassion; but is strong and doesn't show when she is offended or hurt by others. She wants to be a good person and is a loyal and thoughtful friend. Madison also is very intune with the spirit and understands why Sadie is the way she is. I am excited for this year. Madison gave up her spot on the High School Dance Team (that was really hard) and had decided to attend an alternative High School. And let me tell you, just because it is alternative does not mean it is easy. This school is scholar driven, WASC approved, UC approved, and has been awarded a Top School for many years. It is more of a researched based school that prepares kids for college (no more reading 20 pages, answering five questions, and looking for bolded words). This year is going to be a year of healing and growing for Ms. Maddie Moo--- I am so excited to watch her blossom! I love you!!!

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