Thursday, August 19, 2010

Permits (Appointments) for Sadie

Yesterday morning was Sadie's "permit" (her word that took us a long time to figure out what she was saying) appointment with the Orthopedic Dr. for new inserts. We had to wait a long time so we worked on letters and numbers; but she made herself comfortable on the waiting table. It's really sad that a six year old knows the drill for a Dr's visit :( Anyway, the Dr. looked at her walking, the structure of her feet and legs, and mobility of her hips. While looking at her hips she keep studying her little white shorts. I didn't think to much of it until a couple hours later at home while helping her get back on her shorts Hannah noticed they were backwards. The whole day she was walking around with side pockets and a button on her butt.

Second permit: Hair appointment. I really really can't stand long bangs- and by the look of Sadie she doesn't like them either! As soon as they hit her eyebrows and she's looking through piles of hair I start to go bonkers! Unforunately, I have been forbidden by Scott to cut bangs because of a recent "accident".

Here are her new bangs. She was such a little squirrel and would not let me get a good picture. Sadie couldn't wait to see her big sisters and show off her new hairdo! While in the hairstylist I explained how much I can't stand long bangs and can't believe how fast they grow. Because I don't have a boy or other girls with bangs I am just used to seeing the girls need a haircut when it gets a little ratty. Out of all four of my girls Sadie is the only one who has had little girl bangs. They asked why I would give her bangs and no one else. I explained that I felt like the bangs gave a little body to her thin Down Syndrome hair and helped soften some of the ds features. It was funny to watch their faces as they tried to convince me they "had no idea she had down syndrome. We just thought she was really cute". It's ok ladies, I already know!

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Tara said...

Too funny! I always wonder why people do that. Baffles me! She looks adorable with her shorter bangs, btw!