Monday, August 30, 2010

On a Lighter Note- Last trip to Disneyland

Toy Story was Sadie's favorite through her last set of surgeries. She was soooo excited to see Jessie. Jessie even talked to her (a no no for characters at Disneyland)

We were going to leave and the photographer kept telling me to wait for Sarge.... and he was worth the wait. He was so attentive and sweet. He took his time with her and asked her all kinds of questions. We even saw him later and he remembered her name and asked how she liked his ride.
Woody was actually the first character we saw. I DON'T like waiting in line to see the characters but there was only two families in line so we stopped. We probably would have stopped for him anyway. The worker told us Woody wasn't seeing anyone else. I was seriously bummed-- considering Sadie told us Woody is her "husband". But the photographer grabbed my arm and told me to wait for Jessie in 5 mins. We waited and as soon as Woody was done he walked through the line and hugged Ms. Sadie. I couldn't whip out my phone quick enough to get a picture; but believe me Sadie was in heaven. Woody was sooo nice to do that!

Here's an arcade game where you put in a quarter and make Woody dance. Best 25 cents I ever spent :)

Waiting for the new ride in California Adventure - Toy Story 3D

Kameron and Kiersten waiting with us... Kameron hadn't been to Disneyland in a couple of years and he was like a little kid all excited. It was sooo much fun to go with him.

I think they think this is cool :)
Kameron and Kiersten both just got their permits. Kiersten's reaction is honest from the first time she rode with him :)

Sadie thinks she is cool in this hat!

She loved making me sick in the teacups! Sadie also went on some new rides this time. She doesn't like new things; but after one try loved the Storybook Boat Ride and Winnie the Pooh.


Becca said...

Oh, I just LOVE that first photo!!! How wonderful that she got to meet and hug the characters! Hope the one doesn't get in trouble for talking...LOL

JennyH said...

that looks like a lot of fun. The sarge (army guy) looks very cool.

Denise said...

This post made me smile. Big. What a sweet girl you have! And I love that Jessie actually spoke to her. I've NEVER seen one of the characters speak (well, not the non-speaking ones, anyway, lol) so that really is a big deal.

jenhiatt said...

Looks like a great trip! My kids would be so jealous, they love Toy Story.

Glad I found your blog.