Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day #2: Sleeping Beauty

Yesterday I came home between errands to find Sadie sleeping in the hallway. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture; but looking back a have plenty pictures of her sleeping to share. This is just in the last 6 months. I believe it is a glimpse into her personality and development. She plays hard until she drops!
She put herself to bed one day after school.

Sleeping with her "husband" Woody the night before her last surgery.

Yeah, I kinda think this one tells more about me as a parent than Sadie... what kind of mom lets her kid fall asleep on the kitchen table?

After church...

After surgery... this girl has a hard time waking after surgery. She was a zombie!

Flexible sleeping. When she was little she use to sleep on her back with her legs up by her ears.

ok, this one cracks me up. She can sleep anywhere... but do you see her mouth.
She looks like Beaker from Muppets!

See the resemblance???
I love my Sadie... happy, crazy, sassy, awake or asleep- she is awesome!


Lynda said...

I think she's beautiful!

bipi said...

so lovely!