Saturday, October 23, 2010

A glimpse in Sadie's imaginary world

I've been trying to work on a post about "the 21 things I love most about Sadie". The strange thing is the longer she is with our family the harder this gets. I may have to change it to the "100 things I love most about Sadie".

So, until I can shorten my list I thought I would share how I got Sadie to school the other day. I remember when Sadie was first born I heard that kids with ds don't have a good imagination. I must have heard wrong; because most kids I know have a great imagination. Infact, lately Sadie spends most of her time outside of school in her "imgaination". A lot of her play is based on things she has seen or heard; but whose isn't? So, I will take you back a few days and demonstrate why Disney Channel will be closely monitored from this point forward.

Me: "Sadie, time to go to school"

Sadie: "Zack, Cody, London I told you not now"

Me: "Sadie, don't you want to play on the monkey bars? You are going to be too late to play."

Sadie: "I have to find my hat and talk to London"

Me: "huh?"

Sadie: "Cody, I don't want to"

Me: "Who are you?"

Sadie: "I Bailey... I TOLD you that!"

Me: "Oh," I finally realized we are playing Suite Life with Zack and Cody, "so, Bailey- Mr. Moseby needs you to get to the boat before he leaves. He wants you to hurry."

Sadie: "Ok... let me get my hat, pants, and panties" This is where she puts these imaginary items on- in that order.

Sadie: "Ready, let's go. We be late for Mosbey, Zack."

Later that day she spent the whole afternoon yelling "Sienna" which I hear is Hannah Montana's brother, Jackson's, girlfriend he misses sooo much. Oh, and there is the "Father, Father" said in an English accent that Tinkerbell's friend yells before we must hoist Sadie in the air to fly like the fairy. So many more... I'll save them for facebook, or if your lucky, maybe I will share with you!


Amber Malmberg said...

It's fun seeing the imagination and thoughts of liitle ones! And thanks for your kind words on my blog. I read your post you sent a link to about your experience in the hospital with the presidency. It was beautifuly honest and I really enjoyed it. I love that I can relate to you. Actually, I love that you can relate to me. Friends and family can try hard to relate and think they can understand, but ultimately they can't. No matter how big someones heart is it doesn't change the fact that they can't relate. Thanks for reaching out. It means a lot!

amber malmberg said...

PS: panties on last makes perfect sense. I think she's onto something! :) Growing up we all were super proud of our princess panties. They were probably the coolest things we were wearing, but no one knew we had such awesome panties!