Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's been awhile!

I would like to start with the sad observation that Sadie has decided to embrace the "stubborn" part of the Down Syndrome gene and throw out the "always smiling" part. What happened to my sweet little angel? I'll tell you what happened, she decided that it is entirely more fun to stick her tongue out (while saying, "I funny mommy"), run from me any free chance, sit down and pout when she doesn't get her way, and quickly go ask another member of our family when mommy won't let her get her way!

On a much better note, I am proud to announce that Hannah Montanna , formerly known as Sadie, has decided to come and live with us. And remember, she must be referred to as "Hannah Tanna"! For those of you who are not so familiar with this beautiful teen idol, let me give you a brief description of what I have seen in the last month. She loves to put her hands out stretched at the side of her head and yell "moose", she is often caught singing "best of both worlds" while shaking her hips and falling into the middle splits, and she won't let you sing along with her--- she is a professional after all.

Hannah is already tan and has had lots of fun swimming in the pool already! She has really made a lot of friends this year and enjoys school much more. Hannah did not have a free day during Spring Break- as she played hostess and guest with many of her friends. She moved up to Madison's old cruiser, and has had a lot of fun riding around the neighborhood.

Madison was one of four 7th graders who made the Bell Dance team this year. She is really excited to work with Mrs. Adling and looks forward to a fun and social Jr. High experience. She was named student of the month this month- something she has always wanted. On April 1st she turned 12 and entered into the Young Women's program. Wow, where did that time go?

Kiersten is getting ready to compete in her last competition this Saturday. She is sad that her time on the Bell Dance team will be over shortly and feels like, "I'll be nothing once its over". I guess a common response from a teenager... but she really has grown these past two years, especially while serving as a captain this year.

I plan on keeping up on my blog- mostly for journaling, but hopefully Nana, Grandma and long distance friends can enjoy some of our daily fun!!!

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