Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kiersten met an idol!

We went over to California Adventure after lunch on friday to hangout at bug land. The Adamson kids waited til we could join them because all the rides are for little ones like Sadie. After a few rides they decided to go on the pillbug bumper cars. Sadie was too small so we watched from outside. All of the sudden Scott spotted this goofy looking guy with long curly hair and jokingly said, "look they are on the ride with Weird Al!" We laughed and told Kiersten to go "bump" him. I didn't think much of it... but after Scott watched him awhile he was sure it was him. I, however, was not convinced. He said the smile confirmed it.

So, Scott took Kiersten and Jaron on a quest to meet him. Whatever, I was on my way to Grizzly River Run- they could make fools of themselves if they wanted to. They were taking so long Melanie went to find them... and who did she find them with? Yes, it really was Weird Al! Kiersten was in awe. Melanie was able to take a picture of the kids with him (I'll post it when she sends it). You would have thought they had seen Zack Efron - or Jonny Depp.

Kiersten's friends Kimmi and Lauren love Weird Al too. Later that evening Kiersten saw Kimmi at rehersal. Boy was Kimmi jealous!

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