Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Cat Was Shot!

I haven't posted this yet because it has been really hard on our family. I think it is why I have gone kinda crazy manic (not that I'm bi-polar- but I feel like it)

My cat Ella was shot by a bb gun last Thursday July 17. My neighbor brought her to us and said she had found her and that Ella wasn't putting any weight on her leg. We thought maybe a dog got her because she thinks she can just play around with them.

She ended up with a bb that chipped the bone and cracked it all the way down. They had to do surgery and put in 6 pins to prevent it from breaking to pieces. Besides two surgeries, lots of medications, weekly re-check visits- the worst part is she is going to be crate bound for 6 weeks and under house arrest for 60 days. This cat loves to go in and out and visit. I hope she doesn't get depressed.

Some people have asked me if I know who did it. NO, but my neighbor has a few ideas... and she's out to get them. Unfortunately, it has caused me to question people and be leary of them. I think that is sad. These are people I live with- who share a space with our family. Anyway, I am hoping it was some goofy teenage boy (nothing against boys) that didn't realize the consequences of his actions. ie- the pain, cost and how it has affected the girls.

Just some background- Last year we found Ella in Palm Springs at our house. She lived under the shed and was starving to death. The rest of her litter and mama had been taken to the animal society. I'm not much of an animal person- mostly because they poop- but I was talked into "saving this cat". It was long before I found out she was the most loving, sweet, kind kitty ever! She is determined to have me meet all of my neighbors... because there is hardly a week without someone calling me and telling me she is 1) sleeping with them on the couch 2) out playing with their dogs 3) following their kids home from school or 4) sleeping in their bed! I've even had one call that said you better come get your cat or my neighbor will steal her.

Some of the neighbors even suggested we have a BBQ block party to raise money to go toward the $5,000 it is going to cost us to cover all this (I would never do that- but it is kinda funny they would suggest it) After we brought her home my next door neighbor came over and cried over her crate. I told her that if I ever break my leg she better cry over my bed or I'm gonna get some kind of complex.

Anyway, please pray Ella will heal quickly and not get depressed!!


Becca said...

Wow, I am so sorry to hear about that! I am such a cat person. I hate to hear about this kind of thing happening, but I love how the neighborhood has been so supportive! I totally understand the cost side of it--for some reason we've always ended up with sick cats (usually on purpose through adoption). :-)

Christina said...

OH man! That is SO sad! I pray that she is feeling better and that whomever is responsible is brought to justice. That is just MEAN!