Monday, July 21, 2008

Sadie's SuperCrew!!

Ok, so I have had the hardest time trying to narrow down a name for our team. Last year we just went by "Teague Tribe" (which is our last name).

Some of our ideas have been

Sadie's Stars
Sadie Bug Picnic (my dh's fav)
My Moshish (another dh fav)
Sadie's soldiers

Anyway, none of them have worked. So, as many of you know DANCE is a huge part of our family life. Everyday has something to do with dance Sadie has grown up at the dance studio and really has a kinship with music. We watch every dance reality show and lately- been lovin' "American's Next Dance Crew". Love, love, love it!!!!!!

She was watching it a couple of weeks ago and she gets groovin and yelling and cheering for the different teams. Her absolute favorite is the "SuperCr3w". Whenever they are done she jumps up and starts to flash her "SuperCr3w" gang/ group sign. It is the funniest thing.

Soooooo... next years name (with their permission of course) is going to be......

Sadie's SuperCrew

I'll link the Buddy Walk page as soon as I figure out one thing!


Anonymous said...

I love the Supercrew name as well as your blog. Thanks for sharing!


Christina said...

Good luck with your buddy walk! Our team name is Kallie's Krew :)