Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sweet or/and Sour???

When Sadie was first born everyone would comment on how kids with ds are always so "sweet and kind". Well, I've since learned that there is another face to ds and Sadie has fully embraced the "stubborn" part of her extra chromosome!

However, she knows how to work it. While on a trip to Temple Square she decided she wanted no part of what our group was doing. When I wouldn't cave to her demands she sat down and pouted. I'm not kidding when I say she had a full on "ds pout". I thought I could capture her "naughtiness" so I whipped out the camera and took a shot....

this is what I caught- needless to say, she knows how to turn on the charm when needed!!



Chris said...

She is so adorable! Even though she wouldn't pout for the camera. I have no doubt that her pout was just as perfect as her smile. She just emanates "personality".

Oh, and love the new look of your blog!

amy flege said...

what a cute picture! mayson has that same outfit but its a romper!!