Saturday, October 11, 2008

21 things I love about Sadie - Day 11

Some of my visitors might not be familiar with why I am blogging 31 for 21. As you know Sadie has Down syndrome. It is also called Trisomy 21 or T21 because Down syndrome is caused by an extra chromosome on the 21st gene. Anyway, 31 for 21 is a challenge for people who love someone with ds to blog all 31 days of October to bring Down Syndrome awareness.

So in honor of this I am going to share 21 things I love about Sadie...

1. I love when she says, "I hold you mom"
2. I love her little legs and arms and that I have to roll up all her pants and sleeves to fit her.
3. I love her beautiful blue eyes and the brushfield spots (a common ds characteristic) that look like someone has splattered white paint in them.
4. I love that she has woken me up at four in the morning on more than one occasion to have a "baabaa" and watch "Yo Gabba Gabba, Gabba Gabba Yo, Pleeeeese mommy!"
5. I love that when she runs it looks like the only place her body bends in at the waist and she just waddles back and forth.
6. I love the freckle on her butt.
7. I love that every time a car passes she says, "daddy's home, I'm sooo excited!"
8. I love her two sharp crazy front teeth pointing in different directions.

9. I love her g-tube scar (because I know her life was spared)
10. I love that she knows every Hannah Montana and Jonas Brother Song
11. I love that she asks for her "swimmin' boobies" or floaties when she wants to going swimming
12. I love her snoring
13. I love her little ears that are set lower than typical children
14. I love the gap between her toes that spreads so far it looks like her big toe is going the opposite direction of her foot
15. I love when she see M&M's she gobbles them so fast no one else can eat any
16. I love the way she says, "fellaphant" for elephant
17. I love her low husky voice
18. I love that every time we go anywhere she thinks she is the princess of a parade and must wave at everyone passing by
19. I love that after she says "dtupid" (which she knows is a no no) she will immediately say, "I sowrry mommy"... then turn around and say it again!
20. I love her Buddha belly
21. I love when she comes up to me says, "mommy wait, wait", signs beautiful, gives me a big kiss, then pats me on the back.

I didn't think much about these... I'm sure I could have thought of better ones... and I'm sure if I did it again I might come up with a totally different list. But this is what I love about Sadie right now. If you look at this list you might think a lot of those are what I love about my typical kid.


The Greathouse Family said...

Aww! She's so cute!! I'm glad that I found you! My sister just had a baby she named Sadie. I can't believe how tall your girls are! They're all so beautiful!

Melanie said...

Sister Teague!!! Hi!! It's Melanie Bremer (Jenks)!! I found your blog off of Meghan Caldwell's blog!! How are you?! I will have to take sometime to catch up on your blog and your family happenings. I can't believe how big your girls are!! I have a blog too: You will have to read up on us!!

We are doing well. I am pregnant with our 5th!! My kids are 9, 7, 5 and 2. Life is crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way!! (ok...well, maybe!! hahha!!)

Becca said...

Fabulous post topic. I may steal it one day soon...

She's just so adorable! Beautiful litle girl.

Chris said...

What a great list--I fell in love with her with #1, "I hold you mom".

Of course, just looking at her little face, how could you not fall hard for this little girl!

bipi said...

It's great to hear about your girl. She's so cute.
My nephew has ds too. He's living with me. Reading your blog remind me the time he was little....Like you, I have so many things I love about him