Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day #1- 31 for 21

Today is the first day of blogging of 31 days for awareness for Trisomy 21 (or ds). I don't have much time and I can't make this life consuming- so I thought I would start with a quick story.

Today, while sitting at the computer Sadie decided she would paint her nails bright green. She was able to unscrew the bottle and paint her nails, hands, legs, and skirt. Before daddy could see what she was up to, she went into the bathroom and unscrewed the nailpolish remover- splashed a little on her hair and clothes, then turned on the water to wash down a little.

After cleaning herself up a bit, she walked to daddy and said, "I'm wet!". Needless to say, we aren't sure if we are more scared that she was able to get into all these toxic things... or proud that she was able to problem solve all by herself.

Don't worry... all toxic chemicals are now in the top cupboard away from little Sadie!!!!!!


Becca said...

Wow, such an independent streak! I'd love to have seen what "cleaned up" looked like. Yikes, smeary green nail polish, head to toe. LOL

momtofourgirls.Kari said...

Yes... clean up was a mess. Her new Gymboree skirt is trashed :(

I have recently decided she has embraced the stubborn part of the ds gene!! I'm scared- but her teacher keeps telling me, "it's age appropriate!" :)