Saturday, October 4, 2008

Stubborn Sadie - Day #4

I hate to keep harping on the stubborn side of Sadie; but, it really has started to consume our lives! Last year she lost her snack on two occasions because she decided she didn't want to line up and go in from recess. The first time I was horrified that her teacher could be soooooo mean as to make her sit there and watch all her classmates eat without her. I quickly learned Ms. Katie knows what she is doing and that Sadie would understand there are consequences to actions.

Guess what???? I think Sadie forgot about the "no snack if you don't line up" rule over the summer. We have been in school for 3 1/2 weeks and she has missed snack THREE TIMES already. That's not the worst of it. She has even gone to line up and decided to look Ms. Pam right in the eyes and run off to take another turn at the slide!!!

Also, one day a little boy named Adam didn't like the task they were doing so he decided to throw his book in the middle of the circle. Sadie quickly told him, "No Adam, no throwing!". (This is what they call- "helping classmates keep on task". I call it "being bossy"; nevertheless, it is a new behavior Sadie has acquired this year!) Ms. Pam told Sadie, "I'll help Adam- you go finish your project."

I don't think Sadie liked this to much because she went and got her book, looked Ms. Pam in the eyes, and threw her book in the circle. Can you say stubborn????

I know that this whole 31 for 21 is suppose to be for down syndrome awareness... and I think that means to help others see how wonderful living and caring for a child with ds is. So, know that all of these "behaviors" are exciting, frustrating, interesting, a pain in the butt, but most of all NORMAL 4 YEAR OLD BEHAVIOR!!! And what is more wonderful than looking at your child and seeing beyond the ds?

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Stephanie said...

I LOVE spreading DS awareness by showing how Megan is more the same than different....Stubborness is more a human thing than a DS thing, although Sadie and MEgan have that in common. LOL....I like to think of the stubborness as a good trait, a non-conforming individualist. They are searching to find themselves, LOL, whatever makes me feel better ;) ;)
I just love that Sadie, Megan's west coast twin!