Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Halloween Time... - Day #3

We were driving down the street right before dusk. It's a beautiful, clear and hot (80 degree) day. Sadie started yelling, "bats, bats, bats mommy". I was a little confused until I looked in the rear view mirror and noticed she was pointing at the seagulls flying around. I asked her, "are you pointing at the birds?"

"No mommy, bats in the sky. That's aweeeeesome!!"

I wonder what they are teaching her at school right now???

Halloween is coming toooo soon and I asked each kid to decide what they wanted to dress as for Halloween by Oct. 1st. No more last minute costumes (Kiersten) and no more changing at the last minute (Hannah). My only problem is I haven't been able to talk Sadie into something cute.... she wants to be "MUNO" from Yo Gabba Gabba. As many of you know- we love Yo Gabba Gabba- but, Muno looks like a giant boy part!!! I am horrified- can't she just be a ladybug or Minnie Mouse??????

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